Wealth: How to manage it

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  • Wealth Management: Income Tax

    Wealth: How to manage it

    With a 50 per cent tax rate on high earnings scheduled for April, Neal Underwood reviews the different strategies the wealthy can use to make sure they hang on to their wealth

  • Wealth Management: Sponsor Statement

    Wealth: How to manage it

    Following the economic turmoil of the last 30 months or so, we have been left with less ­economic ­certainty and a less predictable tax system in which to operate. By Nicholas Fletcher, Chief Executive, Saunderson House

  • Wealth Management: Foreign Currency

    Wealth: How to manage it

    Working in another country can throw up all kinds of currency risks. Here Cherry Reynard explains how to cope with exchange rate fluctuations and what to do when your new currency is a volatile one

  • Wealth Management: Partnership


    Although becoming a partner is high on the list of priorities for most private practice lawyers, it’s surprising how few of them are ever really prepared for what being made up actually entails. Kelly Parsons examines the pressures and pitfalls of professional partnership

  • Wealth Management: Investments

    Wealth: How to manage it

    Every investor’s needs are different and every investment needs a specific purpose. This is why finding the portfolio that’s right for you is essential. By Cherry Reynard

  • Wealth Management: Protection of estate

    Wealth: How to manage it

    ?Members of the legal profession seem to be among the least organised when it comes to estate planning. Tim Sharp takes a look at the available options

  • Wealth Management: Pensions

    Wealth: How to manage it

    With top earners targeted in Alistair Darling’s last Budget, James Smith examines whether pension contributions are still a viable option