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Catrin Griffiths
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Matt Byrne
Director of insight
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Deputy editor – UK
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Deputy editor – City

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International editor
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Horizon editor
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Litigation editor
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Adam Mawardi
Senior reporter (covers: litigation & the Bar)
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Jessica Boak
Deputy news editor
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Edin Imsirovic
Reporter (covers: corporate)
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Maria Ward-Brennan
Reporter (covers: litigation & the Bar)
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Annabel Tinson
Reporter (covers: litigation & the Bar)
Phone: 0207 970 4560
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Lucie Maria Liana Cruz
(covers: in-house)
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Beata Kuczynska
Data reporter
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Managing director

Jane Wilkinson
020 7970 8045
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Research team

Roger Wagland
Research and digital product director
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Thomas Procter
Head of research
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Nikhil Raj Aggarwal
Senior research analyst
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Yoanna Slaveva
Research analyst
020 7970 4027

Vitesa Fetahu
Research analyst
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Tanisha Patel
Research assistant
Email: tanisha.patel@thelawyer.com

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Mark Philbrick
Commercial director
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Lorenzo Passarella
Business development manager
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Romina Garcia-Diaz
Client services executive
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Recruitment advertising

Maisy McCleverty
Business development
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Ben Parsons
Business development
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Email: benjamin.parsons@thelawyer.com

Premium content, Signal and Litigation Tracker products

Ben Oakshott
Commercial director, premium content
Phone: 0207 970 4275
Letitia Austin
Senior business development manager
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Email: letitia.austin@thelawyer.com
Sidney Hopper Kelly
Business development executive
Phone: 0207 970 4766
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Jermane West Deriggs
Senior business development manager
Phone:0207 970 4798
Email: jermane.westderiggs@thelawyer.com
Reagan Morgan
Customer success representative 

Phone: 0207 970 4528
Email: client.services@thelawyer.com

Events and awards

Mercedes Ernst
Events manager
Phone: 0207 970 4532
Email: mercedes.ernst@thelawyer.com
Denisa Luchian
Legal events portfolio manager
Phone: 020 7970 4663
Email: denisa.luchian@thelawyer.com
Kenan Balli
Delegate & awards sales executive
Phone: 020 7970 4017
Email: kenan.balli@thelawyer.com
Roberta Stiavelli
Delegate & awards sales executive
Phone: 020 7970 4648
Email: roberta.stiavelli@thelawyer.com


Marketing director
Phone: 020 7292 4460
Email: juan.mejia@thelawyer.com

Felix Kelly
Digital marketing manager
Phone: 0207 943 8034
Email: filix.kelly@thelawyer.com
Monika Tarikaite
Marketing executive

Phone: 020 7970 4064
Email: monika.tarikaite@thelawyer.com
Ashley Bird
Marketing executive
Email: ashley.bird@thelawyer.com

Customer services

Wendy Hawthorne
Customer services executive
Phone: 020 7292 3716
Amanda Shaw
Head of customer services
Phone: 020 7970 4844
Email: amanda.shaw@thelawyer.com

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