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Was 2022 a good or bad year for the banks?

“Was 2022 a good year for the banks in the UK, or a bad one?” The quintessentially lawyer’s answer is that it depends on the viewpoint from which one surveys the landscape of banking and financial services. Viewed from afar, it could be said that things looked grim for the banks, with little encouraging visible […]


Project Millennial: Seven years on

In January 2016, The Lawyer embarked on a new project. We found five fresh-faced young newly-qualified solicitors and decided to follow them in their careers. Seven years on, we are revisiting them to find out how they are doing. Five is an admittedly small sample size, but their fates to date make for interesting reading. […]

The watchlist: City litigators anticipate the biggest cases of 2023

The Lawyer revealed its Top 20 cases for 2023 this month. In honour of this flagship annual feature, we asked litigators across the hottest practice areas to reveal which cases and appeals they’re keeping an eye on this year, and why. Here’s what they had to say. Banking: Helen Carty, head of the London litigation […]

Travers Smith

Travers Smith’s PE team is now a youth squad

Five years ago, The Lawyer revealed that the youngest partnership within the top 100 UK firms was Travers Smith. A key reason behind this was that Travers’ partnership tends to comprise firm lifers with a typically quick trajectory to the top. The firm’s outgoing private equity head Ian Shawyer, for instance, made partner nine years […]

High Court

Unveiled: The Top 20 cases for 2023

Mega fraud, collapsing companies, and turbulent fallouts. This year, The Lawyer’s Top 20 Cases feature a number of long-running disputes that will finally get their day in the sun, several lawsuits involving high-profile individuals, and insolvencies that have caused a tumultuous fallout. At long last, the “tuna bonds” case is set to have its day in […]

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