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  • Total cases 11,537
  • Cases added in Q4 572
  • Claims added in Q4 1391
  • Companies 10,698

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Revealed: The top 15 appeals of 2021

As showcased in The Lawyer’s Top 20 Cases last month, litigants are lining up for a busy 2021, with further disputes set to be heard in both the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court. Here are the challenges to look out for. Several of this year’s appeals have previously appeared in The Lawyer’s Top 20 […]

How to use the new Claims data function

Introducing Claims data from Litigation Tracker The Litigation Tracker now provides claims data as an extension to an existing subscription. You can search and download comprehensive, aggregated data from every claim from 6 top UK high courts, as well as receive daily morning email alerts and follow progress on specific claims. The Claims function enables […]

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Join today and enjoy exclusive access to the Litigation Tracker application, which provides a searchable catalogue of cases and their judgments across 16 UK courts. Clients of this service benefit from: The latest news and detailed analysis on the UK litigation sector Complete coverage of 8,000+ cases from 15 High Courts since 2015 Full access […]

Report a log-in issue or an error in the data

Report a data error We take every care to ensure that the data on Litigation Tracker is accurate; however, if you spot an inaccuracy please tell us about it. Send your feedback to us via this email link. Trouble logging in to Litigation Tracker? If your log-in is not working or you’ve simply forgotten your […]

Create personalised alerts on Litigation Tracker

How to set up new claims and cases alerts Watch our short video to find out how to set up claims, cases and judgment Alerts by sector, or follow the instructions below: On the Claims and/or Cases pages, select your filter criteria from the ‘Refine’ box Choose a Claim/Case and click the Create New Claim/Case […]

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Our taxonomy explained

Our sector taxonomy explained Our sector taxonomy was constructed following three key principles: Using a recognised standardised classification system Enabling detailed classification of companies and non-corporate organisations Aligning with the key features of litigations in the UK We based our sector taxonomy on the Global Industry Classification Standard (GICS), a recognised and widely accepted classification […]