Focused on the biggest law firms their strategies in Europe and Asia, including China

Latest Reports

International firms in Paris

In-depth analysis on the French market in relation to the UK, examining competition and market share, with insight from managing partners.

  • Revenue bracket analysis, growth challenges and strategies
  • Analysis of Anglo-French corporate bench of the leading US and UK firms
  • Lateral and practice area investments and promotions in Paris

Expansion in Europe after Brexit

What is the current competitive landscape in continental Europe? Is Dublin a new hub for EU legal services?

March 2021

The China Top 30 2020

The top 30 firms in China ranked by financial performance, plus which firms are fit to ride out the effects of Covid-19.

September 2020

The Asia-Pacific 100 2020

The changing sizes, geographical footprints and strategies of the region’s leading law firms over the past five years.

July 2020