Have we forgotten how to listen?

We shout a lot these days and we seem to have forgotten how to listen. Even if we are listening it is, more often than at any time in the history of mankind, within our own bubble as we plug in the earphones and pull up the audio drawbridge. There’s a lot of shouting on […]

Macfarlanes and Slaughters: a test of M&A succession planning

There’s a shift occurring in the corporate teams of the UK’s most prominent public M&A shops. And for once, it’s got nothing to do with the US firms. Slaughter and May is to lose its golden boys of M&A – William Underhill and Nigel Boardman – at the end of this financial year, while it […]


Want some easy pickings in UK law? Insurance firms are juicy targets

Spare a thought for EC3. Clyde & Co and Kennedys may have expanded overseas, but you can’t buccaneer your way to domestic growth. One of the biggest questions facing insurance firms is how they can increase their share of a static market where panel reviews can determine major revenue streams. Virtually every senior figure predicts […]


Hogan Lovells’ adult viewing moment: embarrassing on so many levels

Red faces aplenty at Hogan Lovells last week when a partner was filmed enjoying adult material on his work computer during daytime hours. But not just because a partner spent valuable fee-earning time accessing sexual content; as a policy issue, it has raised questions about why internet controls were not consistent across the firm’s global network.   Prior to the incident, Hogan Lovells’ internet controls varied across jurisdictions, […]

Latest briefings

Emergency Legal Kit for Business – personal data protection in Romania

This Law transposes the Directive (EU) 2016/680 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data by competent authorities for the purpose of the prevention, investigation, detection or prosecution of criminal offences or the execution of criminal penalties, and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Council Framework […]

Draft Karnataka Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Rules, 2018

The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961 (MB Act) was amended vide the Maternity Benefit (Amendment) Act, 2017 (2017 Amendment) to grant certain additional benefits to eligible women employees. As part of the 2017 Amendment, the provision of a crèche facility was made effective from 1 July 2017 as a mandatory requirement for every establishment with 50 […]

Insolvency in Indian aviation: India’s new Cape Town convention bill mean for recovery and re-possession of leased aircrafts

Leasing of aircrafts is a prevalent market practice in the aviation industry, and all existing airline operators in India have currently leased a significant number of aircrafts in their fleet. In fact, a sizeable debt in the books of these operators is in connection with such leasehold arrangements. Insolvency proceedings in India, including the aviation […]

Supreme Court confirms commercial tenant’s statutory right to a renewal lease

By David Manda, Ruth Ormrod The Supreme Court has confirmed, in the case of S Franses Ltd v Cavendish Hotel (London) Ltd that a landlord cannot oppose a tenant’s right to renew its tenancy on the grounds of redevelopment or reconstruction if there would be no intention to carry out the proposed works should the tenant vacate voluntarily.  Walker […]

New rules banning harmful gender stereotyping: What financial services clients need to know

By Jeanette Burgess, Louise Power Jeanette Burgess and Louise Power explain the Committee of Advertising Practice’s imminent ban on harmful gender stereotyping and offer their practical advice for financial services clients. What is changing, and why? We reported last year that the Committee of Advertising Practice (CAP) planned to introduce new rules banning harmful gender stereotyping in advertising. […]

The complex commercial litigation law review – Edition 1: Chapter Austria

By Sara Khalil, Andreas Natterer Austria has a civil law system; the codification of the main civil law provisions (the Austrian Civil Code (ABGB)) includes core concepts of contract law and dates back more than 200 years. The Austrian Civil Code governs legal relationships between consumers as well as consumers and companies. Similarly, the Austrian Commercial […]

Romania: Tax provisions in force since March 2018, significantly amended and supplemented

By Alexandra Barbu, Theodor Artenie, Anamaria Tocaci  Below we list the main provisions of Law 30/2019 amending Government Emergency Ordinance 25/2018. Corporate income tax The Registry of Non-profit Organisations and Religious Institutions will be published on the website of the National Agency for Fiscal Administration (ANAF) (the “Registry”). Inclusion in the Registry of entities that benefit from sponsorships is a […]

Where the true value lies for legal self-service

Recently, BCLP hosted an informative round table discussion with panellists Michael Mills and Richard Seabrook of Neota Logic alongside Catherine Bamford of BamLegal. Use cases, opportunities and best practices for enabling legal self-service in an enterprise environment were discussed with an audience of corporate legal and compliance professionals. Here are some of the most interesting […]

Bermuda – the family office proposition

Bermuda has historically flown beneath the radar when it comes to promoting itself as the ideal location for the establishment of a family office. There are likely a number of reasons for this but one is that Bermuda was often chosen as a domicile for trusts or for the location of a physical family office […]

Data protection challenges of using AI in healthcare

By Robert Breedon, Jocelyn S Paulley AI, machine learning, deep learning, neural networks – call it what you like, there’s a lot of excitement about the ability of software to analyse a lot of data, spot patterns, learn (sometimes independently) and to make conclusions and produce insights that are entirely new. t is not unusual […]

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