Have we forgotten how to listen?

We shout a lot these days and we seem to have forgotten how to listen. Even if we are listening it is, more often than at any time in the history of mankind, within our own bubble as we plug in the earphones and pull up the audio drawbridge. There’s a lot of shouting on […]


At least the competition lawyers have found a Brexit dividend

Given that we are apparently obliged to contemplate Brexit until the great trumpet sounds, let’s consider some of the consequences of the referendum that we’re seeing winding through the courts. There are three Brexit-related pieces of litigation in The Lawyer Top 20 Cases 2019. As noted in today’s cover feature. Brick Court barristers are on […]

Want some easy pickings in UK law? Insurance firms are juicy targets

Spare a thought for EC3. Clyde & Co and Kennedys may have expanded overseas, but you can’t buccaneer your way to domestic growth. One of the biggest questions facing insurance firms is how they can increase their share of a static market where panel reviews can determine major revenue streams. Virtually every senior figure predicts […]


Hogan Lovells’ adult viewing moment: embarrassing on so many levels

Red faces aplenty at Hogan Lovells last week when a partner was filmed enjoying adult material on his work computer during daytime hours. But not just because a partner spent valuable fee-earning time accessing sexual content; as a policy issue, it has raised questions about why internet controls were not consistent across the firm’s global network.   Prior to the incident, Hogan Lovells’ internet controls varied across jurisdictions, […]

Latest briefings

Do payment processors wield too much power?

By Simon de Broise  Payment processors, as the name suggests, facilitate payments by credit and debit cards for both online and point of sale transactions. The payment processor acts as an intermediary between the merchant (e.g. a retailer or airline) and the customer’s bank, facilitating the rapid authorisation (or otherwise) of the payment and initiating (and […]

Making alterations to rented business premises in Guernsey

By Piers Dereham I want to carry out fitting-out works to my business premises but my landlords say I will have to remove them when my lease expires. They are also saying that they need to check my plans before they agree to anything. Is this correct? Yes. Most commercial leases contain clauses requiring you to […]

Ignoring Turkish law on data breaches could put you in prison

Data processors resident outside Turkey whose activities affect Turkey may also need to register by 30 September 2019. Even failing to delete expired data can be punished by one to two years’ imprisonment. As a candidate state for EU membership, Turkey aligns much of its legal system with EU law, hence its 2016 Law on the […]

Amendments to the legislation of Kazakhstan on corporate matters

By Bolat Miyatov  On 2 July 2018, the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan No. 166-VI “On Amendments to Certain Legislative Acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on Insurance and Insurance Activities, Securities Market” was adopted. Among other things, this legislative act has amended the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated 13 May 2003 No. […]

Six weeks to go until Brexit: What’s going to happen to environmental law?

By Ben Stansfield, Lee P McBride, Andrew Litchfield One of the great beneficiaries of the European Union has been the environment. Since the very beginnings of the EU, Member States have come together and enacted a great variety of environmental laws, leading to cleaner seas, flourishing habitats and healthier citizens. With Brexit only a few weeks away, this […]

Securities investment business in the Cayman Islands

This publication has been prepared for the assistance of those who require information about the Securities Investment Business Law (Revised). It deals in broad terms with the requirements of Cayman law and it is not intended to be exhaustive but merely to provide information which we hope will be of use to our clients. We […]

Look out for when using zero-hours contracts in the construction industry

By Sinead Kelly  Employment associate, Sinead Kelly, published in Professional Housebuilder & Property Developer giving tips on what to look out for when using zero hours contracts in the construction industry. Casual working arrangements are popular in the construction industry as they allow for flexibility and cost saving where there may not be a constant need for […]

Advice on medication, Montgomery and causation: Hazel Kennedy v Dr Jonathan Frankel

By Sebastian Naughton Jonathan Holl-Allen QC acted for the successful Claimant in this claim against a consultant neurologist who Yip J concluded had failed to discharge his duty when advising in respect of medication to a suspected Parkinson’s Disease patient. The case is (to my knowledge) the first reported clinical negligence claim arising from the […]

AI can be a game changer in law if applied correctly

There are a growing number of companies entering the legal sector with new ideas about how technology can be used to improve service quality whilst simultaneously reducing costs. They are bringing a wind of change that is hard to resist for lawyers, whether practicing in law firms or within in-house legal teams. Automation, driven by […]

Protecting Community Protection Notices

By Frances McClenaghan A defendant cannot defend himself from prosecution for breach of a Community Protection Notice (CPN), on the basis that the CPN is invalid. The reason, stated in Stannard v The Crown Prosecution Service [2019] EWHC 84 (Admin), is that there is an effective means to challenge the CPN – either by exercising […]

Enforcement of intellectual property rights in the EU member states

By Flip Petillion Enforcement of Intellectual Property Rights in the EU Member States provides a timely overview and thorough analysis of intellectual property rights enforcement in the EU Member States. Taking legal action in one or several countries in the EU to enforce intellectual property rights is quite a challenge. The adoption of European Directive 2004/48/EC on […]

Mondaq comparative guide to international arbitration 2019

The Comparative Guide provides an overview of some of the key points of law and practice and allows you to compare regulatory environments and laws across multiple jurisdictions. By selecting your topic of interest, choosing your regions and finally refining the subjects you are seeking clarity on, you can view detailed analysis provided by our experts.

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