The Free Representation Unit powers on

The Free Representation Unit (FRU) was formed nearly 50 years ago by a group of law students that wanted to deliver a frontline service to people that otherwise wouldn’t be able to access legal support. Feeling that their legal education didn’t sufficiently prepare them for real world situations such as Tribunal work or aspects of […]

Work-from-home policies of the UK 200

Here is the data we have gathered on law firms’ work-from-home/office attendance policies as we emerge from Covid-19. The information was collected in the summer of 2021; bear in mind policies may change as circumstances evolve.

The top 100 European law firms

This post has been updated with The Lawyer’s 2021 ranking of the top 100 European law firms by revenue. For many firms in Europe, the difficulties of 2020 turned out to be how to meet capacity when workflows roared back in the second half, and how to keep their staff motivated through waves of lockdowns […]

Case study: How Dentons redesigned M&S’ in-house team

Last year, when Sarah Dickson joined M&S as deputy general counsel, she found herself at the heart of a business that was changing fast. Following the Ocado deal in 2019, many M&S operations had moved online. The business was going through a huge corporate transformation focused on digital to see how each function conducted business […]


Linklaters’ new boss is everyone’s friend – for now

After two elections in quick succession, Linklaters anointed senior partner Aedamar Comiskey and managing partner Paul Lewis as the next leaders of the firm over the summer. Both announcements ensure that power once again stays in the hands of the London office, after Comiskey’s defeat of Milan-based Claudia Parzani and Lewis’ most recent win over […]

The Formula for Success: EQ ≥ IQ

Why is a lawyer like a dentist? It’s not a trick question – both are professions where, in order to be successful, emotional intelligence is vital. A patient in need of root canal treatment will favour the dentist that welcomes them into the surgery and ensures they feel relaxed while the painful problem is treated. […]

Latest briefings

Practical Law: Environmental Law and Practice in Portugal: Overview

This Q&A provides a high-level overview of environmental law and practice, and looks at key practical issues including emissions to air and water; environmental impact assessments; waste; contaminated land and environmental issues in transactions.

The digital divide: one size doesn’t fit all

Financial services have been sold online for a long time now, but never before have we seen the pressure on “quicker, easier, fewer friction points” in customer journeys. The “one-click” approach clearly has advantages for firms and many of their customers, but it cannot possible cater for all in society.

Cayman Islands director 2022 registration and licensing

This advisory provides guidance for those directors who are registered with the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority (CIMA) under the Directors Registration and Licensing Act (Revised) as a result of being appointed as a director of a ‘covered entity’ (a Cayman Islands investment fund registered with CIMA under the Mutual Funds Act or an entity, such as an investment manager, that is registered as a ‘registered person’ under the Securities Investment Business Act).

Notaries, e-apostilles and technological changes

Notaries form the oldest branch of the legal profession. Their origins can be traced back to the Roman times. At that time, most people were illiterate and therefore merchants and traders needed someone to record what had been agreed.

Ireland: Employer successfully defends mandatory retirement age policy

A mandatory retirement age (MRA) obliges an employee to retire at a particular age. An employer may provide for an MRA explicitly in the employee’s employment contract, or it may be implied into the employment relationship by policy or by custom and practice.

New transfer rules for combatting pension scams

New rules in relation to statutory transfers rules came into force on 30 November 2021 to protect members’ pension savings from being lost as the result of a transfer to a scam arrangement.

Another director goes to jail …

This case isn’t, sadly, that unusual. Failing to comply with enforcement notices served by the HSE (or any other regulatory authority) usually ends badly.