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After Burford, litigation funders need a healthy dose of transparency

Litigation funders live and breathe disputes, but this was not the sort of dispute Burford Capital was used to. On August 8, Burford’s share price plunged 66 per cent after a ferocious attack from San Francisco-based hedge fund Muddy Waters, whose founder Carson Black questioned the accuracy of the funders accounting practices. Black described the […]


Thinking beyond ‘going digital’

‘Going digital’ is a phrase buzzing around even the most technology-averse boardrooms. Businesses, including law firms, are recognising the threat presented by falling behind in an increasingly digital world, and they are mobilising accordingly. That is promising, but also missing the larger issue. Going digital in the legal industry means much more. Too many lawyers […]

Firms need to do more for their diverse lawyers than simply widening access

The new online recruitment portal launched recently by Rare Recruitment in collaboration with several top City law firms is undoubtedly a welcome initiative as pressure continues to mount on the legal profession to do more on diversity and social mobility. Launched last month, Vantage builds on Rare’s existing contextual recruitment software and uses advanced analytical […]

Improve Review Outcomes with Predictive Coding on Everlaw

Description Do looming deadlines and a huge document corpus make review seem daunting? Curious about predictive coding but not sure how to set up a model? Learn how to leverage predictive coding on the Everlaw platform to make the review process more efficient and accurate. In this webinar, Kevin Kraft and Jennifer Roberts will address […]

How offshore law is supporting the growth of new industries in Asia

By Geoffrey Tang What sectors in the region are you seeing experiencing a boom at the moment? As the number of listed companies from more established sectors increases, a number of jurisdictions in Asia have been expanding their listing regimes to facilitate the listing of companies from emerging and innovative sectors. Examples of this include […]

The right of privilege against self-incrimination: Volaw v Comptroller of Taxes

By Damian Evans A recent Privy Council decision relating to long-running Jersey proceedings (Volaw –v- Comptroller of Taxes [2019] UKPC 29) provides clarification on the extent to which a party to an action may resist disclosure notices from authorities by utilising the right of privilege against self-incrimination. What was the background to this judgment and what […]

Is your home a place of employment? Advice for Jersey homeowners

By Will Austin-Vautier It is believed that Queen Elizabeth II employs more than 1,000 people in her household. Of Buckingham Palace’s 775 rooms, 188 are staff bedrooms. That the Queen and Prince Philip take their baths at exact water temperatures – painstakingly set by their servants – is probably more fact than fiction. Clearly the size, […]

Trademark registration (under turkish law) guide

This presentation has been prepared by Kılınç Law & Consulting in order to explain the step by step trademark application according to the Turkish laws and regulations. 1. Trademark Determination and Preliminary Similarity Survey 2. Determination of NICE Classes and Contents which the Trademark is Registered 3. Application for Trademark 4. Procedural Review Process 5. […]

Public consultations on the draft of the New Serbian state aid law in the final phase

On 19th August 2019, the Commission for State Aid Control of the Republic of Serbia (“CSAC”), assisted by the National Alliance for Local Economic Development (NALED), organized the third round of public discussions concerning the draft of the new State Aid Law (the “Law”) in Serbia. The preparation of the draft Law came as a result of various factors. First […]

Immigration implications of corporate acquisitions, restructurings and changes

By Bill MacGregor Companies and human resource managers need to be aware of the potential immigration implications that corporate changes, acquisitions or restructurings may have on temporary foreign workers (TFWs) that they employ in Canada.  The immigration and work permit implications must be assessed before changes occur. Corporate immigration expertise is needed to avoid pitfalls and […]

Results of summary dismissal in Pwc claim against perpetual over Sequoia transaction

By Lorne Rollheiser, Jay Lalach, Adriana Da Silva Bellini On August 15, 2019 Justice D. Blair Nixon gave oral reasons in response to an application for summary dismissal of the claim by PricewaterhouseCoopers Inc. (“PwC”), the bankruptcy trustee for Sequoia Resources Corp. (“Sequoia”), against Perpetual Energy Inc. and its CEO, Susan Riddell Rose.  You can find our prior […]

Taking stock of the insurance market challenges which evs present

By Samantha Holland The growing popularity of electric vehicles, as well as the ongoing challenges around building the charging infrastructure necessary to make their widespread rollout possible, is challenging a range of sectors and services to show the model is a suitable fit for the future – and the insurance industry is no exception. James Roberts, […]

Public law case update – August 2019

By John P Cooper, Ravi Randhawa, Kieran Laird Written by Gowling WLG’s team of public law and regulation experts, our case update offers a straightforward and concise overview of six recent important cases in public law and regulation and the key points which can be taken from them. In this edition, our experts examine the following cases: 1. […]

Are you keeping up with the plant-based revolution?

By Richard Naish The food and drink industry has always been a hot-bed of innovation and 2019 is proving to be no different. Two areas which are currently evolving very quickly are the search for plastic-free packaging and the growing trend to eat less meat. The answer to both could lie with plant-based alternatives. Plant-Based […]

New Regulation on the rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft: Part A – Its relationship with national laws

By Marilia Frias, Tiago Sergio Cabral National Laws and Implementing Regulation 2019/947/EU Recently new rules and procedures for the operation of unmanned aircraft were approved by the Commission Implementing Regulation 2019/947/EU of 24 May 2019 (hereinafter “Drone Regulation”). The original legal basis for the Drone Regulation is Regulation 2018/1139/EU of the European Parliament and of […]

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