Lara Oyesanya

Black History Month: My journey to the C-Suite

My career in financial services began at Lex, an asset-based finance firm and a joint venture between Lex Service and Lombard that later became a joint venture with Halifax. Lex Service changed its name when it bought RAC plc. Halifax and Bank of Scotland merged and became HBOS plc. The joint venture continued between RAC […]

Elisabeth Fapuro, Dechert

Black History Month: Access is only part of the story

Conversations about diversity and inclusion across the legal profession are often underscored by an assumption that we need to legitimise the value of diversity within the profession, prompting a focus on the value of diversity to a firm’s bottom line and an assessment of the “business case” for diversity. While most legal professionals would probably […]

Black History Month: The vital work of Legal Observers

Black Protest Legal Support (BPLS) was set up amid the Black Lives Matter (BLM) protests in May 2020. The primary aim was to monitor policing at BLM protests and to assist those who were arrested through the work of our Legal Observers. Legal Observers play a crucial role at any protest. ‘Policing the police’ as […]


Revealed: The Top 10 Appeals of 2022

Earlier this month The Lawyer revealed its Top 20 Cases of 2022, featuring a whole host of cases set for trial. However, there’s also plenty of action to be had in the Court of Appeal and Supreme Court, involving the likes of New Look, SKAT and Picturehouse Cinemas. Here are The Lawyer’s top 10 appeals of […]

Behind the scenes: Litigators reflect on their biggest wins last year

As disputes teams across the country prepare for looming court battles in 2022, we asked counsel from last year’s biggest disputes to share their experiences. Meghan Markle v Associated Newspapers: claimant won Victoria Anderson, senior associate at Schillings We represented The Duchess of Sussex in her claims against Associated Newspapers for misuse of private information […]

High Court

The watchlist: City litigators anticipate this year’s biggest cases

To mark the announcement of The Lawyer’s Top 20 cases of 2022, we asked experts across the hottest practice areas to reveal which cases and appeals they’re keeping an eye on this year, and why. Here’s what they had to say. Banking: Ceri Morgan, professional support consultant at Herbert Smith Freehills Nigeria v JPMorgan Chase: This […]

Revealed: The Top 20 Cases of 2022

A number of pandemic-related disputes were played out in the nation’s courts last year, with this trend set to continue well into 2022. The UK Government’s response will be probed in the long-awaited public Covid-19 inquiry, while obligations to care home residents will also be under the spotlight. In the insurance world, business interruption losses […]

star award winner

The Top 10 hires of 2021 (hint: they’re mostly teams)

Team moves were all the rage in 2021. Why grab one partner when you can net multiple senior lawyers? In The Lawyer’s Top 10 moves for 2021 we spotlight the most significant moves of the year and what it tells us about firms’ priorities for 2022. The most notable move in restructuring: Freshfields’ Adam Gallagher […]

Recruitment candidates hiring

The biggest winners of 2021 are the recruiters

For most industries, the great resignation started with informal Zoom conversations in people’s living rooms. Far from indiscrete eyes, and in the collective epiphany that followed lockdowns, new career trajectories took off. It was the same across the legal market. Recruiters have described this as the “busiest year” they have ever had. “I was surprised […]

The Free Representation Unit powers on

The Free Representation Unit (FRU) was formed nearly 50 years ago by a group of law students that wanted to deliver a frontline service to people that otherwise wouldn’t be able to access legal support. Feeling that their legal education didn’t sufficiently prepare them for real world situations such as Tribunal work or aspects of […]

Canadian product stewardship and epr: a review of 2021 and beyond

Provincial governments (and non-governmental agencies) have been busy implementing various innovative waste management programs to divert waste away from landfills. In 2021, important changes were implemented across all product categories, including tires, batteries, electronic products, packaging and printed paper, beverage containers, and hazardous and special products. Key changes include: i) new programs in jurisdictions that formerly did not have programs, ii) expanded product lists for existing programs, iii) shifts from product stewardship models to extended producer responsibility (“EPR”) models, and iv) expanded regulatory enforcement mechanisms and activity.

Future of work: Future of flexibility

Without doubt, the traditional employment relationship has changed. Whilst the coronavirus pandemic has had a major impact, the changing nature of the employment relationship has been taking place for several years. But what does this mean for employers?

Domestic CCTV: are you compliant?

The use of smart security devices and domestic CCTV systems is becoming increasingly common. If you use security cameras and similar devices in your home, data protection law may apply and it’s important to know your legal obligations.

2022 predictions: what’s on the horizon for restructuring and insolvency?

The persisting spectre of the pandemic continues to create uncertainty in the market. Over the last 18 months, insolvency figures remained consistently low due to the government support which has been in place. With the prospect of that support coming to an end there is likely to be a reckoning, but when that will begin is unclear. Overall, this next year is likely to be one of resolving loose ends and tidying up before the economy can take off afresh.

HR Horizon tracker Winter 2022

Find out what HR directors will need to prepare for in the coming months and beyond in the Winter 2022 edition of TLT’s biannual tracker.

Jersey to introduce taxation for enveloped property transactions

At present, the purchase of a property through the acquisition of the share capital of a property owning company is exempt from stamp duty. However, the State of Jersey shortly intends to bring forward legislation to impose a tax equivalent to stamp duty on such a sale, effectively closing the “loophole”.

Changes to sponsorship for care workers

Following on from the Migration Advisory Committee’s annual report, the Government have announced welcome changes to the Health and Care visa route.