You won't be back

Whenever Tulkinghorn has spoken to Americans in the past, he has found them to be sensitive souls, not the sort who'd want to offend people (well, not to their faces at least). That's why it was so refreshing, though somehow strangely disturbing, to talk to the PR chap at Oppenheimer Wolff & Donnelly.

The Minneapolis firm recently decided to shut down all its US offices apart from its headquarters, sparking the inevitable question of whether there would be any redundancies. Oppenheimer's PR guy wasn't sure what that meant. Tulkinghorn tried again, asking if lawyers would be “laid-off”. Again, the PR chap was still unsure about this definition. At a loss, Tulkinghorn attempted to find other terms for law-yers losing their jobs. But luckily the delightful PR gentlemen saved the day. “They're being terminated,” he deadpanned. How brutal.