You name it

Richards Butler’s business development supremo Meirion Jones is a published author of some repute in the health and beauty industry. Apparently one of his first books, The Amino Revolution, is of great use for all those suffering from anxiety, stress, or alcoholism, so it could be of use to a fair few lawyers Tulkinghorn knows.

But as Jones has progressed from health and beauty to law, he has also turned to story-telling. Jones has just penned a pre-World War I spy thriller set in Vienna and Mexico, which he describes as “a ménage à trois between Jung, Le Carré and John Buchan”.

One problem is that Jones is undecided on a title. With the view to getting him published, he’d like you, dear reader, to make the decision for him. So is it The Dark Virgin and the Death God? Or The Hypnotist of Vienna? You decide.