XXIV enjoys 16 per cent turnover hike

Chancery set XXIV Old Buildings is celebrating a 23 per cent rise in revenue per barrister, posting an average income of £434,000 for each of its 29 members.

The set saw turnover rise by 16 per cent to £12.6m in 2005-06. But the loss of Roger Kaye QC to the Chancery and Mercantile Court in Leeds, and Paul Teatherson to the Chancery Division as a master, meant XXIV’s numbers fell to 29, raising revenue per barrister.

Senior clerk Nicholas Luckman said the increase came from the set’s involvement in a number of high-profile cases.

Lawrence Cohen QC was instructed by Dechert to act for Sir Fraser Morrison in a £130m claim brought by AWG, which settled earlier this year. Meanwhile, Philip Shepherd QC appeared in the Court of Appeal case brought by Equatorial Guinea against a number of defendants, alleging they were involved in a coup.