World Wildlife Fund beats wrestlers into submission

The World Wrestling Federation has been smacked down by the World Wildlife Fund in their second-round rematch over the WWF title

The nature-lovers, who had the initials first, have been fighting the big guys in rubber shorts over their use of the WWF title for more than a decade. In recent years, the wrestlers have been using the WWF initials in their website address, so sensitive nature fans logging onto '' to find wildlife facts will instead find themselves on a site that invites them to watch a video of one wrestler crushing another's knee.
The wrestlers were counted out by the animal-lovers in the first round of the court battle last year, when the judge said they were in breach of a 1994 contract that limited their use of the initials. But the wrestling federation demanded a rematch, which saw them knocked out again in last week's ruling at the Court of Appeal.
The federation was represented by SJ Berwin and three barristers, including Geoffrey Hobbs QC of One Essex Court.
Edwin Coe partner Graham Clarke, who coached the fund through the rematch, said: “The federation signed the 1994 agreement and observed it for a short time, but then breached it and breached it again. There was an agreement made in 1994 and my clients were entitled to have that agreement upheld.”
Also fighting the fund's corner were Christopher Morcom QC of Hogarth Chambers and barrister Mark Brealey of Brick Court Chambers.