Working out of law: Clive Anderson

Clive Anderson is a balding barrister and TV superstar. Why did you choose to study law/become a lawyer?

Poor prospects as a professional footballer.

Has it helped in your current role in other areas?

Combined with my hairline it has helped journalists to describe me as the "balding barrister" or the "babbling brief". It has also given me practice asking difficult questions.

What are the worst and best aspects of being a lawyer?

Worst: chafing from wearing stiff collars and three-piece suits. Best: wearing a wig

What advice would you give anyone choosing to become a lawyer now?

Work in libel.

Do you have any practical advice or tips about passing exams or getting a traineeship/ pupillage?

Be related to a judge.

What would you have done if you had not become a lawyer?

1 Sued the College of Law

2 Become a stand-up comedian

3 Become an accountant