Work-life swizz

Oh, what a funny little introspective world it is, that of the managing partner. A recent entrant to The Lawyer’s increasingly popular Work-Life Quiz is obviously accustomed to making things up as he goes along. He is also, perhaps, guilty of confusing The Lawyer with a session with a life coach.

The MP in question had been in possesion of the relevant questions for some time when, last week, one of Tulkinghorn’s intrepid researchers received an email from the MP’s long-suffering marketing serf. She kindly apologised for being a nuisance, and asked if it was too late for the MP to “expand” upon one of his answers.

And thence came the email. The man in question wanted to add the following in answer to the question about his biggest success – and so he unleashed a diatribe on the pinnacles of his career to date.

At the bottom of the email the marketing person had thoughtfully added: “I’ve just had another read through the questions you asked him to respond to and I can’t see how this answer fits with any of them, so I think he may have actually made up a question of
his own.”

You think? One imagines the MP alone at his desk in the twilight, after his staff have long gone home, drafting and redrafting the perfect answers to ques