Women: The uncomfortable truth

Not enough women know which paintings adorn the walls of their firm’s boardrooms. That was the conclusion of an international summit and report presented at a Law Society and Interlaw Diversity Forum event last night.

Actually, the absence of expensive art in female lawyers’ lives was just one of several colourful lines from Law Society president Lucy Scott-Moncrieff to illustrate “the uncomfortable truth” that firms are paying “lip service” to diversity while allowing men to continue to dominate boardrooms.

Her outspoken reprimand for the profession said “mediocre men” were being promoted above talented women, who too often are left outside the hallowed executive offices, pressing their faces against the smoked glass for a glimpse of a Damien Hirst print.

What Scott-Moncrieff and the International Women In Law Summit recommend to redress the balance is gender targets and embedded flexible-working practices.

Mediocre men at the top of the profession? Surely not …


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