Witches’ notion

Along comes Reed Smith and its ‘Women’s Network’.

This “unique networking forum”, set-up by Reed Smith’s US operation five years ago, is holding a seminar for its members. But what could the seminar be about? I hear you ask. Maybe the war in Iraq? Tony Blair and an EU referendum? Or how about the introduction of ID cards? No. The Women’s Network will be treating attendees to something quite different, yet still just as relevant to today’s society: Feng Shui, astrology and – wait for it – face reading. ’Cause women love all that mystical mumbo-jumbo stuff, don’t they? Kind of like a posh Women’s Institute meeting.

Jon Sandifer, Feng Shui expert and author, will demonstrate the advantages of “9 Star Ki” and “the secrets of face reading”. Why doesn’t the Women’s Network just hold a knitting and cake-baking evening and have done with it?