Winn win situation

Now that firm, Winn Solicitors, which incidentally will appear in this year’s UK 200 with a 2012/13 revenue of £17.15m, has just secured investment from two high-profile investment companies, a deal that is aimed at even more expansion at the super-high growth business.

Indeed, as the top man himself – Jeff Winn – said in our feature earlier this year, “there will be great consolidation in the market and it wouldn’t surprise me if there’s six to 10 PI firms that dominate 70 per cent of the market in two to three years’ time”.

This could be a direct quote from our predictions issue this week. If you haven’t already (and why not?), you could do worse than check out more of our predictions in this week’s crystal ball-gazing issue. There’s plenty more on the insurance sector and ABSs, plus hints at the demise of the Magic Circle, spookily clairvoyant calls that at least five more major firms will crater over the next five years due to soaring debt levels and canny in-house prophecies claiming everything from a GC on every FTSE100 board to the ubiquity of panels.

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