Win a different type of case this Christmas

Grapple with Llewelyn Zietman's yuletide brainteaser and you could be celebrating the new year with a case of champagne.

1. “You shall not permit a witch to live.” This is a quotation from which of the following books?

(a) The Bible

(b) The Koran

(c) The Talmud

(d) The Spanish Inquisition Code of Ethics

(e) Snow White

2. Which of the following mammals has four knees?

(a) human beings

(b) giraffes

(c) elephants

(d) dolphins

(e) cheetahs

3. Who said: “Where large sums of money are involved, it is advisable to trust nobody”?

(a) Agatha Christie

(b) Ernest Saunders

(c) Al Capone

(d) Ronnie Kray

(e) Robert Maxwell

4. In which of the following Len Deighton novels do the words “faith”, “hope” and “charity” appear in the same sentence?

(a) Faith

(b) Hope

(c) Charity

(d) Bomber

(e) Fighter

5. Noah's Ark was made of:

(a) mahogany

(b) chipboard

(c) oak

(d) redwood

(e) gopher wood

6. Every day of his married life PG Wodehouse:

(a) went for an early morning swim in a local lake

(b) ate five raw eggs

(c) donated 10 shillings to a charity chosen by his wife

(d) wrote a love letter to his wife

(e) made his wife a full English breakfast in bed

7. A drink made from mistletoe is reputed to be good for:

(a) high blood pressure

(b) warts

(c) baldness

(d) rickets

(e) leprosy

8. On 16 January 2000 the first English town to witness the sunrise will be:

(a) Dover

(b) Brighton

(c) Plymouth

(d) Norwich

(e) Lowestoft

9. The oldest gin distillery in England can be found in:

(a) London

(b) Manchester

(c) Southampton

(d) Plymouth

(e) Bray

10. The most southerly eating establishment on the English mainland is called:

(a) The Polpeor Cafe

(b) The Seaview Cafe

(c) The Restaurant at the End of the Universe

(d) The Restaurant at the End of the World

(e) The Oakleaf Restaurant

11. The creator of the London Underground map was called:

(a) John Bridges

(b) Ian McKenzie

(c) James Greer

(d) Harry Beck

(e) Tony Blair

12 Which of the following towns in England has six churches, but no pubs?

(a) Frinton

(b) Northampton

(c) West Wickham

(d) Grassmere

(e) Middle Wallop

13. Jeanette Rankin was:

(a) the first woman to swim the English Channel

(b) a famous nineteenth century romantic poet

(c) the secret mistress of Franklin D Roosevelt

(d) the only person in Congress to vote against the Declaration of War on Japan in 194(e) the inventor of the hacksaw

l4. “Honest George Graham” is, or was:

(a) a famous eighteenth century clock maker

(b) the one time manager of Coventry Football Club

(c) the architect of the Brink's Mat robbery

(d) George Washington's vice-president

(e) Scotland's longest serving criminal judge

15. “Jack Ketch's Kitchen” was:

(a) a secret underground meeting place for Churchill's War Cabinet

(b) a room at Newgate prison where heads were parboiled for display

(c) a restaurant in Cardiff for 55 years

(d) the place where penicillin was first identified

(e) none of the above

16. If 79 was Sunderland and 81 was Villa, what was 80?

(a) Arsenal

(b) Spurs

(c) Brooking

(d) Bridges

(e) Eleven

17. In 1888 WG Grace's 13-year-old son humiliated one of the top players in the country at the time by:

(a) hitting four sixes off his bowling in one over

(b) bowling him first ball for a golden duck

(c) beating him at backgammon

(d) beating him at chess

(e) beating him at tennis

18. Which crater is located between Halle and Holden on the planet Mars?

(a) Maclean

(b) Blunt

(c) Burgess

(d) Bond

(e) Templar

19. If you were playing golf in the US Open and you found a ball with a single yellow dot drawn on it, who would it belong to?

(a) Phil Mickelson

(b) David Duval

(c) Steve Elkington

(d) Vijay Singh

(e) Lee Westwood

20. What is the next letter in the series C,V,B,N?

(a) E

(b) D

(c) M

(d) H

(e) C

21. Who, among others, was usually seen with Terry Ollis, Dik Mik and John Harrison?

(a) Nik Turner

(b) John Green

(c) Pete Saunders

(d) Geoff Hamilton

(e) Pete King

22. Which is the odd one out?

(a) Martin Fallon

(b) Hugh Marlowe

(c) Harry Patterson

(d) Henry Patterson

(e) George Stephenson

23. If you translate Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch, what tree is in the hollow?

(a) oak

(b) elm

(c) ash

(d) hazel

(e) willow

24. In 1951 Gardeners' Question Time started on Radio 4. What had it been called for the previous five years?

(a) How Does Your Garden Grow

(b) Gardeners' World

(c) Gardening Tonight

(d) Gardening Today

(e) Gladiators

25.Who became Home Secretary in 1951?

(a) Chuter Ede

(b) David Maxwell-Fyfe

(c) Gwilym Lloyd-George

(d) RA Butler

(e) Glen Hoddle

26. Who wrote the song It's a long way to Tipperary?

(a) Florrie Ford

(b) Jack Judge

(c) Henry Chambers

(d) Jim Goldsmith

(e) Lord Justice Bower

27. When was the last edition of The Listener magazine published?

(a) 198(b) 1990

(c) 199(d) l99(e) Last week

28. What started as a dairy in Drury Lane in 1869?

(a) Marks & Spencer

(b) Tesco

(c) Sainsbury

(d) Harrods

(e) Fortnum & Mason

29. In the famous chess match between der Lasa and Jakovljev in the Berlin Congress of 1842, what was black's sixth move?

(a) d(b) e(C) gxf(d) fxg(e) gxh

30. Which alchemist wrote the treatise, “La Chymie Charitable et Facile, en Faveur des Dames”?

(a) Marie le Jars de Gourney

(b) Martine de Bertereau de Chatelet

(c) Marie Meudrac

(d) Christine de Pizan

(e) Anna Maria van Shurman

Please return the entire page (photocopies are acceptable) with your answers clearly circled.

The entry with the most correct answers will win a case of champagne.

Deadline for entries is Friday 15 January 1999. Return to: Clive Zietman, The LZ Christmas Quiz, Llewelyn Zietman, Temple Bar House, 23-28 Fleet Street, London. EC4Y 1AA.