Wilmer’s Hale storm of interns

Here’s news for anyone out there hunting for an intern position. The Park Lane office of Wilmer Hale is packed to the rafters with those on placement.

Of its 80-odd lawyers based in London, 30 are on Wilmer’s international arbitration programme. Could London possibly need that many cups of tea?

We’ll never know, partly because this is not the free labour, paper-pushing internship with which most of us are familiar. With the programme open to students, graduates, qualified lawyers and academics from around the world, each applicant is measured on a case-by-case basis, both in terms of weekly pay and the jobs they do.

Sounds like a bit of a logistical nightmare, no? But there are some obvious benefits here for Wilmer. The arbitration group is by its nature international, so the programme kills two birds with one fairly cheap stone by pulling in talent from around the world and for short bursts of work.

And with roughly 400 applications a year, the Park Lane office could soon turn into an intern empire for arbitration lawyers.

Still, don’t forget Gary Born takes two sugars in his coffee.

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