Wilde Sapte sets up German unit

Wilde Sapte has formed a team of lawyers into a dedicated German unit.

The focus of the unit will be to serve German organisations seeking to do business in the UK and UK organisations looking for opportunities in German markets.

The core team, to be based in London, will consist of company commercial partner George Sanders, shipping, aircraft and trade finance partner Robert Dibble and banking, trade and project finance partner Elisabeth Gaunt.

The unit will be supported by a mix of lawyers, many of whom speak German, that cuts across the various practice groups within the firm.

A spokesman for Wilde Sapte said that this was a tried and tested approach and that there were similar units with special interests in Finland, India, South Africa and Latin America, already working well for the firm.

Sanders said: “The advantage of a unit with a specific mandate such as this, is that it draws together resources from various parts of the firm, so that expertise is pooled and focused.”

He added: “Wilde Sapte is strengthening its ties to those bodies with interests in Germany with the ultimate goal of getting some referrals.”