Why not drop everything?

What would you do if hundreds of lawyers came from out of the sky, descending on your back yard in much the same way as Robert Maxwell's busy team of legal advisers must have descended on his victims in times gone by?
That's exactly what's going to be happening this October when several hundred 'leaping lawyers' will make parachute jumps in order to raise sponsorship for the Wave Trust. Wave is an international charity dedicated to reducing child abuse and neglect. Tulkinghorn is, you will understand, a little too long in the tooth (and rather overweight) to entertain the idea of such physical exertion. However, he has drafted in a willing young deputy from The Lawyer's editorial team to take part and make sure that the lawyers really do leap and don't substitute their trainees or secretaries at the last moment because of an 'unexpected meeting'. So beware, there'll be no shirking with Tulkinghorn's spies around. For more information on how to become a leaping lawyer, please visit www.wwwave.org.