Who is Buggins now?

If anything were meant to cause Michael Napier to crawl out of the woodwork it was Robert Sayer's letter to him and David McIntosh last week.

It does not seem long ago that Mr Sayer and Mr Mears were on the outside, decrying the right of Buggins to succeed the Law Society presidency.

Now notwithstanding that it is within the democratic rights of Mr McIntosh and/or Mr Napier to run for office, it becomes a matter of "public squabbling" for them to do so, should they choose to do so.

For my part, if there is any public squabbling, I doubt if it would come from a McIntosh/Napier camp. They would concentrate on the issues of the reform of civil justice, legal aid and indemnity insurance.

What I should like to know from Sayer in another open letter to The Lawyer is how his qualifications to confront these highly specialised issues compare with those of two senior partners in successful law firms.

With McIntosh having declared and Napier considering, The profession wants to see a good clean fight on the issues – and losers that are prepared to work alongside winners in addressing those issues.

J Shulman

Chairman, Shulmans