Who beat Richard’s Mighty Arse?

Thanks to Wilmer Cutler Pickering Hale and Dorr partner Richard Eaton for putting Tulkinghorn straight on his footballing facts.

An earlier diary story about Emma Slessenger, the lawyer who came second in BBC Radio 4’s Brain of Britain quiz, incorrectly stated that Brian Clough’s Nottingham Forest was the last team to go unbeaten throughout an entire season. “As you well know,” trilled Eaton, “the last (and only) team prior to the Mighty Arse going a whole season unbeaten was not Forest, but was in fact Preston, in the 1888/1889 season. Forest managed to go 42 games unbeaten, but this straddled two seasons, in each of which they were beaten. The Mighty Arse amassed a fine 49 games unbeaten, straddling three seasons, including one undefeated.”

Thanks Richard, says Tulkinghorn, but what exactly is the ‘Mighty Arse’, and does your bum have anything to do with it?