Whittaker takes on EU role

Jane Whittaker, Macfarlanes partner and former chair of the Association of Women Solicitors, has won a non constituency seat on the Law Society council as the member responsible for European Union matters.

She takes over from Theodore Goddard consultant Bill Blackburn, who was on the council for 17 years.

The partner in charge of Macfarlanes' EU and UK competition law practice, Whittaker has specialised in the area for the past 15 years.

She joined Macfarlanes in 1986 and took partnership two years later. She will hold the council post for a four-year term.

“I consider it very important that lawyers take an active role in the development of EU law and, equally, I think it's important that the council is aware of developments in the EU arena so that they can influence the legislation,” says Whittaker.