Regulators have been keen to encourage more people to come forward after a series of scandals —such as the rigging of interbank lending rates and foreign exchange benchmarks —damaged the financial services industry’s reputation. But do the protections, lack of rewards and subsequent prosecutions (if any) make it worthwhile for the whistleblower?

This session will discuss in-house whistleblowing systems, how to ensure they are being used and what steps should be taken upon receiving a whistleblower complaint, and why are these initial steps important. This session will also consider how relevant the motive of the whistleblower is (or should be) in a whistleblowing context.


Darren Maher is a partner and Head of the Financial Institutions Group at Matheson. He has advised a wide range of leading domestic and international financial institutions on all aspects of financial services law and regulation including establishment and authorisation, development and distribution of products, compliance, corporate governance and re-organisations including cross-border mergers, schemes of arrangement, portfolio transfers and mergers and acquisitions.

Darren Maher, Partner, Matheson


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