Which bash was bosh?

The hottest ticket at the bar last week was the Matrix summer party, where Tulkinghorn was hoping to hang out with Cherie and sneak some info about the new Alastair Campbell diaries. But alas, it was difficult even to get a foot in the door. The bash, at the Walks in Gray’s Inn Gardens, saw more than 200 uninvited guests turn up. Could it be that all 700 present were hoping that Cherie would spill the beans on Gordon Brown?Over at the Terrace in Lincoln’s Inn Field, the Wilberforce party was a bit less meejah and definitely more… well… chancery. But fair play to them: after more than 100 jugs of Pimm’s, copious glasses of champagne and pints of beers, Tulkinghorn suspects there was little to choose from between the two bashes.