What’s all the fuzz about?

Staying with guitars, it was over to Lovells on Wednesday (10 May) for its annual press shindig. The firm may not be firing on all cylinders at the moment – the long-awaited private equity star replacement for Marco Compagnoni has yet to surface for a start – but at least it can point to its real estate team, headed by axeman Bob Kidby, if it needs brownie points.

According to well-known muso Kidby, the team has just enjoyed a “record” year. And at the party The Kid let slip the secret of his success.

“I was at Mipim in March this year and I was playing guitar,” he recalled. “A client asked me, while I was playing a solo, if we could handle a billion-euro deal he had on the table. I said I thought we probably could.” The rest is history, but the lesson is, prove to clients your ability to multitask.

Incidentally, Kidby put the fear of God into a couple of female journalists at the Lovells do when he told them he was having a fuzzbox made for him. For the record, it’s something to do with guitars…