It should hardly come as any surprise to learn that the sons of extremely wealthy Greek shipowners, whose sense of decency is learnt at England’s most exclusive public schools, have a penchant for developing reputations as pranksters once they land up in a shipping firm.

But one well-known London shipping firm is almost at the end of its tether with a particular Greek shipping assistant (who, it so happens, is also the son of a shipping magnate).

Said assistant developed the very sexually-repressed English habit of sending emails containing pictures of naked orgies to people he considered friends in the firm. One went to the senior partner (who, incidentally, on a recent holiday endured a blight of teenagers using his caravan for legover purposes), but in his absence it was automatically forwarded to his secretary, who complained of the incident to another partner.

The assistant was such a repeat offender, apparently, that his behaviour was regularly the subject of partner meetings. The firm has now barred him from being the first subject on the agenda, however, as the sheer number of his antics meant it was taking up the entire meeting.