What next, Legwarmers?

Yet more news of problems with this trendy thing they call 'casual dress'. Tulkinghorn cannot abide such a thing and has been presented with yet more evidence of its failure in the workplace. It appears that DJ Freeman Laurence Harris has been letting the side down by wearing inappropriate attire to work. Tulkinghorn (himself a rather snappy dresser, under the careful guidance of Mrs Tulkinghorn) was surprised to learn that the aforementioned chief exec had to be reprimanded by Kevin Perry for taking the casual business dress code just a little too far.
Apparently, Harris had started wearing boating shoes and polo shirts to the office. (Tulkinghorn is still unsure whether the reprimand was because the clothing was too casual, or because boating shoes and polo shirts – like any other 1980s paraphernalia – should be left in the back of the wardrobe where they belong.)