What knot to wear

The knots one can get oneself into in these sartorially disparate days. Evidence of the clothing conundrums was on show at The Lawyer‘s recent Hot 100 party.

Despite being tagged as ‘hot’, there remains immense pressure on those warmer-than-usual shoulders to strike the right fashion note, even for those who were nominated in the distant past.

Take, if you will, Ashurst private equity star Charlie Geffen. Tulkinghorn learnt last week that there was much deliberation in the Ashurst offices as to whether Geffen should wear a tie or not. Would wearing a tie be emblematic of being too establishment, too burdened with convention, too… (whisper it) not hot? But then again, would opting for tielessness be construed as trying too hard? As photographic evidence in last week’s issue (22 January) proves, Geffen decided to throw off the yolk of the boardroom for the party.

But the story does not end there.

Geffen, apparently, also regularly ponders the same conundrum when a visit to his private equity clients looms. It would seem that they’re more laid back than the regular corporates, although experience shows that when he does end up going tieless, they’re inevitably wearing ties because they expected Geffen to be wearing one.

What a bother. May Tulkinghorn suggest a compromise in the form of a cravat? Mrs Tulkinghorn says they’re all the rage.