Whasswrong with raw fish?

On the theme of missing out on the 21st century, Tulkinghorn was recently out to lunch with two Allen & Overy lawyers. On the menu was sashimi and wasabi, which is Japanese-style raw fish and horseradish that can strip the lining of your throat like few other substances.
One of the lawyers was not familiar with the condiment and asked what is was. “You know,” said the other, who shall remain nameless, “there's that advert for it with three guys sitting on the sofa going 'Wasaaaaaaabi' to each other.”
After a stunned silence she was informed that the advert was actually for Budweiser beer and not a promotion for Japanese horseradish, and the guys are saying “Whassup”. Tulkinghorn is informed that this is a casual greeting between young folk equivalent to “How are you?”.