Wet suits

Tulkinghorn is always fascinated by what those crazy types at Slaughter and May are up to. After all, it's nothing but a rollercoaster ride of fun in Bunhill Row at the moment. So he was particularly happy to bring you the latest instalment of the saga of the pond in reception. If you recall, this has caused consternation among unwary visitors, many of whom have taken a wrong turn and found themselves with feet wet. Since then, the greatest minds at Slaughters have come up with a variety of ideas to signal where the water starts.
Tulkinghorn was not impressed by the idea of a row of plastic ducks suggested by one partner; or, indeed, the toy hovercraft idea contributed by pensions and employment partner Howard Jacobs.
But things rather came to a head recently when senior partner Tim 'Salsa' Clark was proudly showing some retired partners around the offices. Did the distinguished visitors remark on the scary see-through lifts? The Japanese-style partners' dining room? The subtle yet dashing corporate art? Oh, no. The only thing the retired partners were interested in was the pool in reception. In fact, it was all poor Tim could do to stop them throwing coins into it. Hey – profits aren't that bad, are they?