West is (almost) best

Tulkinghorn would like to refute allegations that The Lawyer will automatically promote London over the regions. In last week’s issue, the results of the inaugural The Lawyer Formula Law go-karting extravaganza were published, but somehow West Country firm Kitson & Trotman was squeezed out from its proper fourth-placed finish.

Tulkinghorn apologises profusely for this oversight. It has nothing to do with any predisposition to ignore the regions. It is more that his sight is not what it was and he frankly struggled to keep track of the 21 go-karts over the course of an eight-hour endurance race.

To fully clarify the position, Tulkinghorn is reliably informed that the firm valiantly chased down Bevan Ashford in third but could not quite make up the time. This correction relegates Matthew Arnold & Baldwin to fifth place and ‘The London’ (Addleshaw Goddard) to sixth. The Lawyer’s own team still finished in last place.