Well prepared for law career

I was disappointed to read of Mr Justice Lightman's attack on barristers who have undertaken the CPE – a course I attended before qualifying as a solicitor.

Since qualifying I have experienced nothing to suggest that a law degree is any better preparation for a legal career than any other degree. By the time I did the CPE I was an experienced learner embarking on a fixed career path. The distractions of student life were rather less.

I do not believe that the study of non-core subjects such as Roman law can have any advantage in shaping the mind of a lawyer over the arguments of Plato or criticism of the use of language of Keats.

Rational argument and choice of language are both crucial for lawyers. My English literature and philosophy degree prepared me well.

I am more concerned about judges being let loose on the public who appear to need some elementary education about the abilities of a significant proportion of the legal profession.

Ian Cross

Veale Wasbrough, Bristol