Welcome to Fast Stats. Pre-defined charts that aggregate data to give immediate visual understanding, spot trends and identify star performers.

Discover this update across defined time periods, for different courts, business sectors, litigation types and procedural types. Included with a current Litigation Tracker subscription.

Here’s the run-down of what’s new:


New ‘Fast Stats’ button available on all Law firm, Chambers, Company, Barrister and Judge pages.

For Law firms, Chambers and Companies, get instant access to:
Total judgments for the entity by year
Market share
Party acted for by year
Win/loss ratio when acting for claimants or defendants


Whilst additional charts for Barristers show:
The top 10 judges the barrister has appeared before, broken down by the party they were acting for
The win/loss ratio for each judge



And additional charts for Judges show:
The top 10 barristers appearing before the judge, broken down by the party the barrister was acting for
The win/loss ratio for each barrister