Weil Gotshal & Manges – UK 100

UK/global turnover: £50m/£488m

UK/global PEP: £875,000/£918,000

UK/global revenue per lawyer: £490,000/£481,000

UK revenue per partner/equity partner: £2m/£2.5m

Global revenue per equity partner: £2.7m

UK/global number of partners: 20(25)/181

UK/global number of lawyers: 102/1,015

UK number of staff: 129

UK/global leverage ratio: 1:4.1/1:4.6

UK equity partner to staff ratio: 1:6.4

Equity structure: Merit-based.

Billable hours targets: No individual target, the office has collective target of 1,600.

Billing currency: Sterling and dollars.

Cost of living details: Does not have secondees in the literal sense. US associates spend at least two years in the office and partners much longer. Amount for US associates is calculated on individual remuneration. Allowance can be between $30,000 (£18,500) and $70,000 (£43,000), paid out in monthly instalments.

UK-based lawyer remuneration: All partners and US associates paid in dollars. UK associates paid in sterling. Cost of living allowance helps protect US associates against the weak dollar, but the firm is currently reviewing other methods of currency protection.