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Fright site
You can tell quite a bit about a firm from its ­website. Travers Smith is no exception, but ­Web Week worries what kind of impression clients are left with after visiting its sleek site (www.travers smith.com).

To begin with, visitors are greeted by red lettering on a black background, which smacks of some kind of deviancy. Then a series of images come into view. A black-and-red butterfly; a pair of razor-sharp scissors. It’s all a bit goth, frankly.

One observer pointed out that the site ­resembled “the film poster for Silence of the Lambs”, adding: “The butterfly is then followed by a pair of scissors such as might have been used by [Silence of the Lambs villain] Buffalo Bill.”
Unfortunately the firm is yet to hire a partner called Hannibal Lecter. Shame.

Saving face
The digital age does have its problems – Facebook stalking being one of them. But accidental Facebook stalking is a new and even more ­dangerous trend, as legal site Roll on Friday (www.rollonfriday.com) reports.

Apparently a prospective trainee accidentally ‘hugged’ his graduate recruitment officer on Facebook after looking her up on the social networking site. The email he sent is an exemplary piece of grovelling.

He wrote: “Ideally I would not have to email about this as it is most embarrassing given that you are in the process of making decisions, but I thought I should since I cannot remove the track and I did not want you to think that this was some bizarre attempt at coercion or genuine inappropriateness on my part.”

The force is strong with this young trainee.