Artificial intelligence is changing the way people access, capture and share data. The popularity of voice-activated assistants such as Siri, Alexa and Google, is just an example of how the understanding of language by intelligent tech has become an essential element in people’s daily production and management of information.

New tech is not only affecting the individual and social spheres of people’s lives – but it is also changing working patterns and the way businesses produce wealth.

This webinar looks at how new tech is changing working habits for lawyers, and how upcoming developments will shape professionals for the future, towards new and more efficient ways of working.

  • Old vs new – working habits lawyers should leave in the past
  • What are the implications for firms with lawyers stuck in old working habits?
  • How are firms (and their lawyers) benefiting from embracing new tech?
  • How can firms bridge the gap of technology adoption between enthusiasts and strugglers?






WEBINAR in association with Philips Dictation | Available on-demand




Wilfried Schaffner, Chief Technical Officer, Philips Dictation

Wilfried is an experienced technology leader with substantial academic and professional knowledge in building successful products for mobile working applications. He is an entrepreneur who has built technology teams across the US, European, and Australian markets. He has a proven track record of building successful IT teams, processes, and business structures for companies operating in the technology industry.

Dr Helena Boschi, Psychologist specialising in applied neuroscience, Chequered Leopard

Dr Helena Boschi is a member of the British Psychological Society and is uniquely placed to bring the world of neuroscience to the business environment in a pragmatic and relevant way. She is a speaker and educator with a focus on the latest scientific developments in the fields of psychology, neuroscience and behaviour, particularly within the organisational context.


Tony Randle

Tony Randle, Partner, Shoosmiths

A specialist in major infrastructure projects by background, Tony has for the last few years focused on developing legal products and systems to address the increasing demands placed on in-house legal teams. From template production processes and AI-assisted contract review tools through to managing high volumes of outsourced commercial work for FTSE businesses, Tony has helped implement solutions to increase efficiency, reduce costs and standardise risk profiles. He has also collaborated with tech developers to create new law tech solutions. As well as a Partner with law firm Shoosmiths, Tony is a founder-shareholder in a law tech business.


John Craske, Head of Innovation & Legal Operations, CMS
John is responsible for innovation and legal operations (think people, process and technology) at CMS, with the aim of helping CMS’ clients and business to work smarter: to find the right balance between client satisfaction, cost-effectiveness, profitability and opportunities for everyone. John built and leads CMS’ dynamic Innovation and Legal Operations and Project Management team, including our legal tech team who help with the practical application of tools and technology to specific projects and matters. John and the team are passionate about fostering a culture of innovation and encouraging people to be curious, ask questions and experiment.


Matt Byrne, Deputy Editor, The Lawyer

Matt joined The Lawyer in 2003 as features editor and became deputy editor in 2014. He has written on a wide range of topics related to the business of law and management of legal services organisations. In particular, Matt leads the editorial teams for major market reports such as the UK 200, the US Top 50 and the Global Litigation 50.