Lawyers are increasingly under pressure to improve efficiency and client satisfaction. As more data becomes available, and technologies muscle in to offer alternatives to various legal processes, how is the role of the lawyer adapting?

Complex contracting and the process of managing contracts, on the whole, are difficult processes but technology through AI can be used to support, simplify, and elevate legal departments to be able to address ever-changing business needs.

Register to hear the panel discuss:

  • Why complex contracting is so hard to manage and how technology can support contracting
  • How complex contract negotiation can be simplified and made smarter through the use of technology
  • How the data behind your contracts can be used to break down operational silos and build a user-focused and optimised team
  • How AI within contracting can help gain visibility into your relationships, operations, and contracts when legal or regulatory environment changes

Watch this recording to find out how AI can be utilised to simplify complex contracting processes.


  • Lawrence Buckler, Account Executive CLM, DocuSign
  • Baljinder Samrai, Legal Operations Manager EMEA, The Kraft Heinz Company
  • Max Garth, Head of Legal, Qumu Corporation


  • Matt Byrne, Deputy Editor, The Lawyer