On May 21st (2019)The Lawyer in association with NetWealth hosted a webinar on how much should you save for your retirement and how to assess whether you have enough set aside.

Changes to pension legislation, the constraints of both Annual and Lifetime Allowances as well as rising inflation and longevity are making saving for retirement increasingly difficult. Watch the webinar and hear the presenters explain how prudent planning can help.

  • Learn about the important factors to model for and the elements to control when planning and funding your retirement
  • Understanding why saving for your retirement is about more than just pensions
  • Get an introduction to the Annual and Lifetime Allowances and strategies to navigate around them (including how to maximise contributions, and therefore tax relief, to pensions)
  • Access digital tools that help you plan for your pension goals

Speakers included:

  • Charlotte Ransom, Former Goldman Sachs Partner and CEO of Netwealth
  • Matt Conradi, Head of Client Advisory, Netwealth

Moderated by:

  • Matt Byrne, Deputy Editor, The Lawyer