The Great Resignation is upon us. According to Microsoft, more than 40% of workers around the world are considering quitting their jobs or changing their professions. This could be a positive thing for the legal sector, as it could represent an opportunity for new talent to enter the industry. However, it could also be detrimental as talent could walk out the door if law firms don’t play their cards right. What can firms do to attract and retain talent and manage this risk? Join this webinar to hear the panel explore possible ideas and solutions on:

  • Making hybrid ‘work’
  • Finding the right tools & technology to help staff do their job more effectively
  • Opening up a wider pool of talent



Mike Creffield, Business Manager, NetDocuments

Mike has 25 years’ experience working within professional services and looks to maximise the return clients can expect from their investment and ensure a positive business outcome by keeping a close eye on the critical success factors from first engagement.

Maurice Tunney, Director of Technology and Innovation, Keystone Law

Maurice drives the ongoing investment into the cutting-edge technology adopted by Keystone Law which facilitates the firm’s agile and collaborative business structure. He sits on the operations board  and works with the business to understand what the priorities are before delivering the most effective, and at times innovative, solutions.  Maurice is passionate about maintaining an environment which is both user-friendly and scalable while still being as secure and as flexible as possible. Prior to joining Keystone, he was responsible for developing the IT strategy and managing the portfolio of IT projects at Fieldfisher.

Yana Georgieva, Solutions Expert, NetDocuments


Tim Roche, Information Technology Consultant, Celtic Tiger

Tim has over 30 years’ experience of working in the Legal Sector, delivering strategic planning and IT transformation programmes, IT technical services, & project portfolio management for both National and Global firms at board level.

Tim brings his expertise and experience to the mid-market and smaller Law Firms believing with a passion that the issues that are keeping Managing Partners, CEO’s and Legal Professionals awake at night are standard no matter what size firms they are responsible for.

Specifically, Tim works with business owners and their board members who do not have the IT resources, knowledge or skills to build an effective IT strategy to ensure that risks are understood and mitigated, budgets are appropriate and align with service & project portfolios and that this, in turn, aligns with the firm’s overall business strategy.

Before this, Tim has worked in the private banking and financial services sectors as well as the automotive industry in Europe, the USA and the Far East at IT senior management level.

Matt Byrne, Deputy Editor, The Lawyer

Matt joined The Lawyer in 2003 as features editor and became deputy editor in 2014. He has written on a wide range of topics related to the business of law and management of legal services organisations. In particular, Matt leads the editorial teams for major market reports such as the UK 200, the US Top 50 and the Global Litigation 50.