Web week

Joking aside

The law is not known for its comedy potential, but some blogs, such as Legal Antics (http://nylawblog.typepad.com/legalantics/), do try to squeeze the laughs out.

The blog’s aim is to chronicle legal humour “because let’s face it lawyers take themselves far too seriously and the law is damn funny if you look at it through the right lens”.

Unfortunately, Legal Antics might not be the right lens.

There are a couple of quotations from court transcripts that touch on the macabre:”Q: Just what did you do to try to prevent the accident?A: I closed my eyes and screamed as loud as I could.”


Child’s play

If you’re a lawyer with children then you’re probably reading this with one eye on the little tykes making chocolate face-prints in your new suede sofa.

That’s if you are lucky enough to be at a firm that lets you work from home.

If not, help is at hand from the blog at Lawyers with Kids (www.lawyerswith kids.com), which recommends you jack it all in to go freelance and sign up with Consultant Lawyers Direct (www.consultant lawyers.co.uk).

Although it sounds just like a dodgy personal injury firm, Consultant Lawyers Direct could turn out to be a decent alternative to getting an au pair.

All you have to do is 20 hours of legal work at home over a three-week period. The company charges you out to law firms that need additional help on a deal, taking 30 per cent of the fee and handing the rest over to you.

Thus the arrangement leaves you free to scrub the spaghetti bolognese off your newly painted walls. Sounds like paradise.

The only catches are that you miss out on all the free stationery and it will take you that much longer to work out who snogged who at the office Christmas party.

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