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In this day and age it’s not really acceptable to have a pin-up calendar of lovelies hanging on the wall of your law firm office. But now it seems there might just be a way around that.

Casting is underway for the first Beautiful Lawyers calendar, which will feature 12 months’ worth of Massachusetts lawyers and judges “decked out in glamorous attire and stunningly photographed in their ‘natural element’, whether that be the courthouse steps, a sailboat or a bucolic ranch”.

No expense spared there, then. Although one does wonder whether ‘natural element’ is a coy euphemism for ‘full-frontal nudity’ because few lawyers would feel at home in a bucolic ranch.

You can send your application to get naked in Massachusetts to beautifullawyers.com. Apparently, the casting call will end in November, so it might be a bit cold and blustery on those courthouse steps.

Where to have lunch is that difficult question we all have to face once a day. Linklaters tax lawyer Ben Fordham, for one, found it so tough that he decided to leave the law and open up his own Mexican restaurant in Goodge Street.

Job advice website moretolaw.com features an interview with Fordham in which he says: “I never disliked the job [at Linklaters]. However, I worked very hard and although I thought it was fine, it became evident to me that I wanted to be passionate about what I was doing.”

So there you have it. Next time you think about lunch and you’re in the area, maybe go Mexican for a change.