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Book crook
Not all is well in the depths of Skadden
Arps Slate Meagher & Flom’s New York office. ­Apparently there is a book thief lurking in the shadows of the law library.

Unofficial blog ­Skadden Insider (http://skaddeninsider.blogspot.com) reports that emails have been sent around the office in a bid to smoke out the culprit.

The blogger writes: “Is it us or have there been an awful lot of books missing from the New York Office library? The ‘MISSING LIBRARY BOOK’ e-mails seem to have overtaken the plentiful ‘Blood Drive’ missives as second only to the onslaught of pro bono e-mails. Or do the books come in third, with the Yankee/Mets fundraiser e-mails mixed in there?”
Maybe Skadden isn’t paying its lawyers enough, thus creating a black market for its law books?

Skids row
The world’s most litigious prisoner is at it again. Fresh from an attempt
to sue Donald Rumsfeld for poor prison food, Jonathan Lee Riches
has turned his fire on ­collapsed energy ­company Enron. Law blog Above The Law (www.abovethelaw.com) reports that Riches has filed a handwritten motion to intervene against ongoing litigation against Enron, blaming the collapsed company for, among other things, poor-quality underwear.

“Enron’s scandal is affecting my prison ­clothing,” writes Riches. “I’m subjected to wearing used boxers and socks and this is unsanitary and old sheets with stains. Enron has caused FCI Williamsburg not to cut the grass in the rec yard due to high energy prices. Now I get bit by mosquitos and unknown bugs.”