Web Week

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Clothes and horses

Corporate etiquette can often be as convoluted as that of the court of Louis XIV of France. Business card protocol, handshake technique and canapé conventions add up to a social minefield for those prone to faux pas.

Fortunately for lawyers, Corporette (http://corporette.com) is here to help you steer the right course.

“My boyfriend and I were recently invited to Sunday Brunch at a ­senior partner’s house, and I’m really unsure what to wear,” writes one concerned poster. “I’m worried about being over/underdressed.”

But even Corporette can get things wrong. After advising the poster to dress casually, many site users voiced their disagreement.

Corporette’s response: “Wow, we’re getting a lot of feedback telling us that we’re completely off the mark. […] Depending on the activities of the day – some partners have horse stables on their properties, others may have driving ranges – jeans are entirely appropriate.”

Driving ranges and stables? Sounds more like an adventure holiday than brunch.

Loon at the top

As if we didn’t know it already, managing partners of big law firms need big personalities to make sure big changes happen. But should you want that translated into consultant-speak, you could visit the Idealawg (http://west allen.typepad.com).

One story starts as ­follows: “Narcissists who like to exert control and reject collaborative decision-making are leading many large law firms through major changes.”

So when your ­managing partner orders 9ft-high statues of him or herself for the foyer, you’ll know why.