Web week 21/08/06

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Flo’s fight and the three dwarves

The Manila Standard Today (www.manilastandardtoday.com) got the scoop of the week with news of the bonkers antics of Filipino judge Florentino Floro Jr, who got sacked by the Supreme Court for his somewhat eccentric beliefs.

The Beeb (www.bbc.co.uk) soon followed up with: “A Philippines judge who said he consulted imaginary mystic dwarves has failed to convince the Supreme Court to allow him to keep his job…

“He told investigators three mystic dwarves – Armand, Luis and Angel – had helped him to carry out healing sessions during breaks in his chambers.

“The court said psychic phenomena had no place in the judiciary.

“The bench backed a medical finding that the judge was suffering from psychosis…”The judge said he had made a covenant with his dwarf friends that he could write while in a trance and that he had been seen by several people in two places at the same time…”However, the Supreme Court said dalliance with dwarves would gradually erode the public’s acceptance of the judiciary as the guardian of the law, if not make it an object of ridicule.”

Ladies, please form an orderly queue

Speaking of eccentrics, there’s a few of them on www.myspace .com, and a particular favourite is Gene Cauley of Little Rock-based class action firm Cauley Bowman Carney & Williams.

He writes: “i am an entrepreneur, a business owner and a lawyer . . . on a personal note, i have a wicked sense of humor, love to read and paint, most all outdoor activities (flyfishing, upland bird hunting, and whitewater rafting), and traveling. i can’t dance worth a [expletive]. i am in the process of writing two books. i have 3 great kids (two boys and one girl (who live with their mom) who are turning into my little buddies). i played in the 2005 world series of poker. i got poked. i believe character is extremely important, and a value and give loyalty and honesty. i am also a spiritual person (though i am not and do not like zealots and hypocrites). i want no drama, and give no drama and always try to do the right thing… i have dated a lot of very pretty women, models, and all of that stuff, and while looks get them in the arena and are very much appreciated by me, it sure as hell does not determine where you sit in my arena…”

The Times’ ploy named ‘sue’

Back in the UK, the foiled terror attacks and ensuing chaos at UK airports caused the airlines to threaten lawsuits against pretty much anyone they could think of – the British Airports Authority (BAA), the Government…

The Times’ law blog, timesonline.typepad.com/law_ weblog, reckons the BAA is the appropriate target, saying: “Rather than yapping at the heels of government, the airlines might do better to focus their attention on the British Airports Authority, whose apparent lack of preparedness and somewhat cack-handed implementation of the security checks might be a more fruitful target.

One good thing, however, may come out of this sorry affair. If high-level security is going to become a way of life, at least August 2006 will be the point at which these key areas of responsibility and culpability will be brought out into the open and tested. Then we’ll know who to blame – and sue.”

Hidden agenda

Webweek reported last week (14 August) on the first blog by a Fortune 100 general counsel – Sun Microsystems’ Mike Dillon. The blogosphere has been getting quite excited about the prospect, but Dillon’s first week on the web proved to be a bit of a disappointment.

He seems a little too concerned with extolling the virtues of Sun’s diversity efforts and praising the company’s alumni rather than giving us any insight into the life or work of one of the country’s leading lawyers. Come on, Mike! Webweek reckons you can do better.