Vienna played host to the world’s first divorce fair. Law blog Quiz Law (www.quiz says the fair comes just in time, as Vienna has one of the highest divorce rates in the Western world. Apparently half of all marriages in Austria and two-thirds of marriages in Vienna never get to the ’till death do us part’ bit.

As is to be expected, an army of family lawyers descended on the city, joined by representatives from personal injury firms, for those passionate divorce proceedings.

None other than the great Paul McCartney was on hand to give a benefit concert.

If you’re stuck at a firm you don’t like, or are having difficulty feeling passion for the law, then True Office Confessions (www.trueoffice will help put some perspective on it.

The anonymous confessions range from the poignant “This job was not my childhood dream” to the disarmingly honest “I staple some papers every now and again. It makes me look and sound busy and like I’m accomplishing something.”

There’s also space for the ridiculous, such as details of toilet habits: “I like to use the disabled stall. It’s roomy and usually cleaner than the others.” Thanks.

It seems some people have trouble respecting the rights of the disabled. Law How Appealing (http://how links to reports on Chief Judge Edward Nottingham, who parked illegally in a disabled zone and then threatened to call the police when confronted by a lawyer in a wheelchair.

Nottingham released a statement that reads like something from the A-Team’s BA Baracas: “Judge Nottingham regrets parking in a handicapped space in his haste to pick up a prescription at a local Walgreens, but respectfully disagrees with the remainder of Ms Elliott’s version of this incident.”

Translation: “Judge Nottingham respectfully pities the fool that stops him parking outside the chemist.”