Web Week: 10 November 2008

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Marketing Brand
Russell Brand of course has a long history of causing mischief and offence. Back in 2002, years before he began upsetting OAPs and their granddaughters, Allen & Overy (A&O) was one of the earlier recipients of Brand’s brand of humour.

On tinyurl.com/5arf37, Brand verbally molests A&O switchboard ­operator ‘Naomi’ by trying to invite “Ian Rogers or perhaps Alan Clark” to his “Spitalbucks Mc-Market” party. He then invades A&O’s old offices dressed as something meant to resemble the Elephant Man and gets hustled out by security.

Web Week concedes that Brand clearly is ­nuttier than a box of squirrels, but his ­campaign to save Old Spitalfields Market from regeneration and gentrification was a valiant one.

In his words, Spitalfields is a representation of what’s happening all over the globe. “Corporations are getting ever more power and taking power away from ­people,” he writes.

A&O lawyers may ­disagree, but his ­comments are also oddly prescient of the BBC ­taking away the power from Brand and Jonathan Ross.

Nip look

Across the Pond it wasn’t all about Obama.

Website Courthouse News Service (www.court housenews.com) might have had the scoop of the week with this nugget: “A jury ruled that the ­former administrator of Grafton, Mass was not sexually harassing his secretary when he stared at her breasts so often that she had to hold a piece of paper in front of her chest when walking through the office. His doctor said he has an eye condition.”