Web site for technology magazine

Helen Sage reports

The first edition of an electronic journal on law and information technology will go on-line on 31 January.

As well as containing articles about law, technology and legal information The Journal on Information Law and Technology will include a special feature on data protection.

It will be published as a joint project by the University of Warwick's CTI Law Technology Centre and the Centre for Law, Computers and Technology at the University of Strathclyde.

The journal has an international advisory board and will include articles on international as well as UK law.

The magazine, which will be published on the World Wide Web, will address issues of importance to academics, students and lawyers, as well as those interested in IT and its broader application in education.

Ruth Barlow, information officer at the CTI Law Technology Centre, said: "The objective of the project is to promote through the development of an electronic journal of information, law and technology and other journals, a discursive electronic culture involving the academic community in the writing and reading of law journals."