Warner Cranston spurns Sonnenscheins

Warner Cranston's merger talks with US firm Sonnenschein Nath & Rosenthal are off.

The firm is determined not to surrender its independence easily, despite as many as a dozen offers in the past six months.

Peter Alfandary, Warner Cranston's business development partner, says: “I can categorically say we are not in merger talks with Sonnenscheins.

“We did talk to Sonnenscheins some time ago. But we have been approached by a number of US firms, and not just the Americans – people are interested in us.

“It won't surprise anybody to know we are courted, but we are not going to give up our independence lightly.”

He says his firm has no plans to link with Sonnenscheins, which is one of “a dozen firms from across the globe” which has approached Warner Cranston with marriage proposals in the last six months. Merger discussions halted several months ago.

Although the firm has suffered departures of highly regarded practitioners in recent months, Alfandary points out that a quarter of the firm's turnover is generated in the US, with 8 per cent in France and 10 per cent in the Middle East, making it an attractive target for international firms.