Ward Hadaway team with Deloitte to launch China offering

Newcastle-based law firm Ward Hadaway, Deloitte and management consultants RTC North have joined forces to launch a service enabling UK companies to break into the Chinese market.

The trio will provide a service which will guide companies on the legal, financial and organisational aspects of penetrating the Chinese market.

Ward Hadaway commercial partner Damien Charlton said in a statement: “Any company which has serious ambitions to grow can not afford to ignore China…however it is a market which needs to be approached with a great deal of preparation and know-how in order to succeed and this is why we have launched this service.”

Ward Hadaway has teamed up with Shanghai-based law firm Boss & Young, which will provide local law advice on issues including joint venture agreements and intellectual property protection.

The service was launched at a seminar for clients earlier in the week.